PRESENTED TO: Chattanooga, TN
Local Eats 2013 Honoree - Champy's Chicken

“On a whirlwind trip through Chattanooga, I had the good fortune of dining at some of the best restaurants in the charming, refurbished downtown. (Here’s our complete list of Chattanooga restaurants). First stop upon rolling into town: Champy’s Famous Fried Chicken, on the outskirts of downtown. This no-frills, Mississippi-inspired roadhouse doesn’t mess around, advertising “blues, brews and bird.” Fried chicken, hot tamales and cold beers under a shaded patio proved to be the perfect remedy for a hot Saturday afternoon. The bird itself is ultra-moist on the inside, slightly crispy on the outside, and holds just enough grease to remind you that it’s fried chicken. And just in case you can’t finish a 40 oz beer before your hand starts warming it, Champy’s has got you covered with their signature koozies designed for 40’s…”

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